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Holland America Flower Gardens


Holland America Flower Gardens began when the Dobbe family came from Holland to begin a life in America in 1980. Coming over with tulip bulbs and 3 children, Benno and Klazina settled in Woodland, WA with it’s rich soil and cool temperatures. As the land bloomed, so did their company. In 2002, the first Woodland Tulip Festival was launched. The Dobbe family loves to give back to the community that has given them so much. They open their farm to families in order to share the love of flowers. Our Woodland farm grows tulips, peonies, crocosmia and eramerus and stores lily bulbs for commercial sales. We supply American grown flowers to businesses across the U.S. and donate generously to community projects. Benno works with many state and federal advocacy groups for the benefit of American flower farmers.  He proudly walks with our many guests during our Woodland events and can be seen driving the tractor during planting season every Fall.  Stay in touch to see all that blooms here.



Holland America Flowers bloom in the coastal region of central California. Here the Dobbe family grows award-winning lilies, freesia, snapdragons and many more varieties of cut flowers. Bouquets of mixed blossoms are hand-gathered and are sold as “ready-to-go” arrangements. Thousands of stems are gathered daily and shipped all across the United States. Look for the American Grown label on your flower sleeves in ensure the freshest flowers. And don’t forget to pick up your fresh flowers in our gift shop in Wa or from our open air cart in Ca.  

 “I love this place! I’ve worked with them to provide flowers for large events, and they arrange beautiful seasonal bouquets for an excellent price. My daughter also loves visiting when the fields are in bloom”

“The tulip fields are stunning in spring”

My Aunite LOVED the arrangement that you all provided..excellent- this is why i love my town family- you guys rock!

Friendly and helpful staff! Also, your flowers are beautiful!